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Mobile Greenhouse

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Elegant Plant Paradise for Your Balcony

  • Dimensions: W = 40 cm; L = 33.5 cm; H = 95 cm
  • Material: Aluminum (silver anodized), Acrylic Glass (deburred)
  • Features: Three detachable shelf rails and three 1cm-thick inserts provide generous space for plants
  • Wheels: Large, smooth-rolling, abrasion-resistant approximately 10 cm wheels for high load capacity and easy rolling
  • Transparent Access: A hinged transparent plastic curtain allows convenient access to the interior of the greenhouse

The Green Balcony greenhouse revolutionizes plant growth on your balcony. Inspired by aircraft trolleys, it offers maximum flexibility and easy handling. The 3mm thick acrylic glass walls, ceiling, and floor create an ideal environment for optimal plant growth. With four large wheels, two of them with brakes, the greenhouse can be effortlessly moved and securely fixed. The three 1cm-thick inserts provide perfect shelves for your plants. The high-quality aluminum frame ensures stability and durability. A transparent plastic curtain allows easy access to the interior. Discover the future of balcony gardening with the Green Balcony greenhouse.

Package includes:

  • 1 x Mobile Greenhouse
    • 3 Shelf Rails
    • 3 Acrylic Glass Inserts (1 cm Thickness)
    • 3 Acrylic Glass Walls (0.3 cm Thickness)
    • Acrylic Glass Floor (0.3 cm Thickness)
    • Acrylic Glass Ceiling (0.3 cm Thickness)
    • 4 Wheels (2 with brakes)
    • One Curtain