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H-Series Indoor Garden

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Revolutionize Your Indoor Gardening Experience

  • Dimensions: L = 82 cm, W = 48 cm, H = 76 cm (H1) / 117 cm (H2) / 158 cm (H3)
  • Automated features including hydroponic watering, heating, and LED lighting
  • Integrated smart nursery designed for effective germination and propagation
  • Control and monitor through a user-friendly web app
  • Constructed with a robust wooden frame and customizable with protective windows
  • Adjustable shelves cater to various plant heights and densities

Experience advanced home gardening with this fully automated indoor garden system that brings cutting-edge technology to traditional gardening, enabling efficient cultivation of a wide variety of plants indoors, regardless of the season. It features a compact design that integrates seamlessly into any home space, offering customizable options such as modular shelving and protective window kits. The system promotes robust plant growth through its full-spectrum LED grow lights, precise hydroponic watering, and climate-controlled settings, all manageable via a comprehensive web app. Made in Britain, it ensures sustainability with its use of recycled materials and non-proprietary seed options, allowing for a greener footprint and fresher produce right at your fingertips.

Package includes:

  • Construction & Automation
    • A sturdy, attractive frame made from laminate plywood in white or charcoal with adjustable feet for levelling. Where we have had to use plastic (mainly the watering trays, tank and windows) it is 100% recycled and recyclable
    • Smart control system for automation and monitoring with WiFi connectivity
  • Lighting & Climate
    • Adjustable height LED grow lights
    • Nursery heating system and grow light
    • Sensor for temperature
  • Watering
    • Hydroponics tray
    • Water tank with pump
    • Sensor for nutrient EC level
    • Drain pipes and fittings
  • Misc
    • UK 3 pin mains power supply
    • EU adapter
    • Nursery propagator tray
    • Net cups and net cup trays
    • Coir jiffy pellets
    • Formulex nutrient solution
    • Complete set up guide