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H-Mini Indoor Garden

139.00 €
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Compact Culinary Cultivation

  • Dimensions: L = 42 cm, W = 28 cm, H = 24 cm - 44 cm
  • Fully automated LED grow lights for optimal plant growth
  • Self-watering hydroponics system for ease of use
  • Modular design allows expansion with an additional growing tier
  • Compact footprint ideal for kitchen countertops
  • Arrives fully assembled and ready to use
  • Sustainably built and designed for versatility in small spaces.

The H-Mini Indoor Tabletop Garden is a game-changer for growing herbs, microgreens, and salad greens directly on your kitchen counter. This compact system comes fully assembled, featuring automated LED grow lights and an optional hydroponics setup that takes the hassle out of daily watering. Its modular design not only saves space but also offers the possibility to expand, doubling your growing capacity without increasing its footprint. Perfect for urban dwellers or anyone looking to add a fresh touch to their meals with minimal effort.

Package includes:

  • UK mains power supply
  • EU-Adapter
  • Sturdy, height-adjustable frame capable of supporting additional tiers
  • Powerful 24W dimmable LED grow light
  • Integrated watering tray